Tiffany Lippoldt

Tiffany Lippoldt


My strength is gymnastics!


Physical education teacher

About Coach

I grew up doing gymnastics and competed through my senior year of high school as a level 10 gymnast. In college, I gave a hand at pole vault at Emporia State University and enjoyed learning a new sport. This is where I got introduced to more weight training, although I wasn’t very good at it, it was still cool to learn. I have also always enjoyed running, but never got the chance to do it until I was asked to try it in college, too. From there that’s all I did in my early adult years until I felt like I needed to mix it up to get the results I was wanting for myself and my body. Plus, I have always had an interest in physical activities so something really intrigued me about CrossFit! Now, I’ve been doing it for 7+ years, love weightlifting, get to enjoy the gymnastics piece to the sport and I’m in the best shape of my life! Plus, I’ve loved being part of the CrossFit community and meeting so many amazing people!

Turning Point

My downfall and weakness in my fitness journey is my nutrition, especially my sweet tooth! A little over a year ago, I finally had enough of food (mainly sweets) controlling me, and I took back the control by announcing my problem, reaching out for help, and following through with giving myself the best freedom! I used to eat so much sugar daily that I would go to bed with a belly ache, wake up and go again. I felt like a serious sugar addict. Anytime I could, I would be eating it - cake, candy, cookies, ice cream….all of it…multiple times a day. With the help of my fit fam at the gym, I was able to reel it in and get control back with some new healthier alternatives!

Motivation & Passion

I love helping all ages! I have learned through my experiences that each age is fun to work with! I taught elementary physical education and have young kids, so I feel like I do well with them. I currently teach middle school and have enjoyed the older kids being a teenager as well as they become more independent and learn to love physical activity as well! It will never get old helping a young person find something they are good at and can have a passion for. Then when I get the chance to coach adults in the class, it’s awesome to be able to coach technique and higher-level skills!

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