Ryan Phelps

Ryan Phelps



About Coach

I've held CrossFit Level 1 for 8 years previously, but most recently received my Gymastics Course Certification, which is currently the only credential I hold (other than 9 years coaching experience). I grew up playing a lot of different sports, but that all stopped at about the age of 12 when my physical limitations regarding my leg began to make it harder to be competitive. I was also a small kid anyway, and that didn't help. Late in High School I decided to start working out and was able to add some decent size and strength. After about 10 years of my home gym routine, I found CrossFit with my good friend Allen, and after working out together for a few months, we decided to open a CrossFit gym! I'm still coaching at CrossFit Compelled to this day - 9 years later.

Turning Point

Insecurity has always been my issue. I want people to like me and have always made decisions in my life with this in mind. Around the age of 30, I started to understand better the person I am, and I became less concerned with endearing myself to others. I think being a good person isn't that difficult, so that became my mission. And trying to help others is a huge part of that. I think that can go a pretty long way. And of course that plays right into coaching.

Motivation & Passion

I really enjoy helping people. It's cliche, but it also happens to be true. Seeing people do things they didn't believe they could is enormously rewarding. Whatever role I can play in their successes, I'm happy to be a part of it. As coaches, we offer a lot of things to our athletes. Being an ear for venting, giving advice on workouts (or life for that matter), motivating each person appropriately, cracking a joke at the appropriate time and helping better our athlete's performance and overall quality of life. I enjoy it all, and I'm privileged to be a part of this wonderful coaching staff!

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