Becky Hutchins

Becky Hutchins

Owner * General Manager * Nutrition Coach


About Coach

I grew up an active kid who was into many sports and I loved being outdoors. After graduating high school and moving on to college, I became sedentary and consistently chose to eat way too much of the wrong foods. After having two children I knew I wanted to change. CrossFit ignited something in me I didn't know was there. It changed the way I viewed the world and myself. I found confidence and capability. Now I am more than 10 years into gym ownership and I get to show my kids every day how important my health is to me, hoping they understand the significance of how our fitness impacts the lens through which we do life.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I am extremely honored that our team is strong with many of them being female coaches. These ladies are all equally qualified and passionate about the work we do here at Compelled and I look forward to offering them a place to pursue whatever level of involvement in the fitness industry they wish to pursue. In this field, we have a unique opportunity to make a substantial positive impact on the women we work and live with here in Wichita.

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