Melanie Hooper

Melanie Hooper



Doctor of Physical Therapy

Professional Youth Coach Certification

About Coach

I am originally from Vancouver BC Canada, and moved to the US in 2011 to play college softball. I started my journey in Scottsbluff NE at Western Nebraska Community College then transferred to Friends University in Wichita in 2013, where I finished my softball career. I then started Physical Therapy school at Wichita State in 2016. I didn’t start CrossFit until 2017 when I was out of town on one of my clinical rotations and fell in love with the daily challenge immediately. I had no intentions of staying in Wichita after school was over, but that quickly changed when I joined Compelled Fitness and started coaching the Kids CrossFit classes. Compelled has now quickly become my home away from home. It is where the majority of my closest friendships were built, and where I found my husband! So thanks to Compelled, I can now call Wichita my home!

Turning Point

Crossfit has provided me with the competition aspect that I missed when my softball career was over. It’s a competition within yourself and with others (if you want). It has allowed me to strive to be the best version of myself, pushing myself past limits that I never knew existed. I come from a family with high addiction, and sadly I saw myself going down that road at a young age if I didn’t change some of my habits. CrossFit has made me not even want to go down that path, it’s helped me stay focused on my end goals and has found me like-minded friends. I am very thankful for the positive community that I have found through Compelled.

Motivation & Passion

I have a huge passion for helping kids and teens, but I also really enjoy helping adults gain the confidence in the gym they didn’t know they needed. I find it super beneficial to teach kids proper movement patterns at a young age, teach them the power that the gym community creates, and teach them that fitness can be fun. When you can encourage kids at a young age to stay healthy and teach them that fitness can be fun, they are more likely to continue that journey throughout their lives. I also love helping adults find out they can do more than they ever thought they could. When a member comes to you and says “Oh no I can’t do that” you can encourage and coach them so that they try, and then bam, they can do it! That feeling is indescribable!

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