Joshua Roberts

Joshua Roberts



CrossFit Level 1


Basic EMT

About Coach

I have always been a very active person in my everyday life which included work, sports, hobbies, and so on. Crossfit has allowed me to enjoy the most out of my everyday life and perform well in the things I do. It now allows me to help others improve themselves which is a blast!

Turning Point

I work as a firefighter and knew I needed to be in good shape as a minimum to even think about being successful. Crossfit is the perfect setup for those in my line of work and has played a key role in my success on the job. I knew I wanted to set an example to others of what we should strive to be like and Crossfit has helped me to be able to do that.

Motivation & Passion

I have been in the business of helping others for a while now, CrossFit is yet another avenue that allows me to reach others!

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