Celeste "Bubbles" Weigel

Celeste "Bubbles" Weigel

CF Coach


About Coach

I have always known I wanted to be in the health and fitness industry. I played soccer for 13 years and after that was over I still went to the gym but didn't have that love for it as I used to until I found Crossfit. It was until I was 36 and moved to Wichita from Seattle that I got the opportunity to finally pursue my passion thanks to Compelled Fitness. I have been a coach since 2015 and have loved every moment of my coaching career. Plus, becoming a nutrition coach has really put my passion to that next level. It has been a great addition to my coaching as we know they go hand in hand. Plus, if it was not for the gym in Seattle I would have never met my husband.

Turning Point

There are two turning points in my life that made a big impact on me. The first one is when I went into a deep depression and didn't think there was a reason to be here. It hurts just thinking about that. But the one thing that kept me going and would clear my head was being physically active. Even if it was just going for a walk. I found my way out, it took time, but I got there and know coping strategies to get back on track. Second, and this was very recently, my stepdad had an accident and drowned. They did bring him back to life and he did live, but my mom never had to deal with something so terrible or how to take care of him. It is really weird stepping into the parent role for your parents. But, I did it and made sure I had the support I needed from my friends and family. I had to be strong for her and step up to the plate. It was something I never had to do before and really put me out of my comfort zone. It made me a much stronger person and that I can handle anything that comes my way.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help people find the inner strength they did not know they had or have. When I personal train people and see them do their very first box jump or push-up, never knowing they could ever do it. Wow, that just puts me over the moon. Plus, seeing their faces when they do it....priceless.

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